Review Rocky Patel Old World Reserve

Well today was another milestone for me. To celebrate I smoked Rocky Patel Old World Reserve. I don’t know if I’m getting to picky but I feel I should of left it in the humidor a couple months longer. To look at this Toro size Corojo Wraper and square pressed looks amazing. Tasting it and its aroma before lighting it stirs excitement. Once lighting it right off it was very smooth. I would say very earthy and hints of wood. The ash was very spread out but a very slow burn. Along the way I had to even the burn from getting uneven. I relit it a couple of times, this is why I think longer time in the humidor was needed. My only dissapointment I thought it seem very mild cigar. I didn’t think it was complex and at a price just under Twelve dollars well I guess I just expect a cigar to excite me more. One thing I think is a good idea is to try different cigars for hands on experience of what you like. The best thing of Old World Resereve is man its good looking.


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