Cigar Review Padilla Miami

Finally last night was cool enough to enjoy a cigar. So I open the dust covered humidor. I picked from a five pack sample a got a while back. Padilla Miami 8&11, I’ve been anticipating this cigar. I have read high reviews, even a 92 rating. Like the picture its a nice looking cigar. After lighting it there was a nice aroma. The draw was a little tight but I took care of that with a poker. The ash was perfect it was about an inch long. What you would expect from a premium cigar. The smoke was smooth and a light peppery taste. This morning there was an after taste. The body was pretty strong because after I finished the cigar I felt the effects in my stomach. Also it has been several months since my last smoke. I enjoyed this cigar but I’m not crazy about it. Also at about $16.00 a piece this is not a regular smoke in my humidor. I still have three left I’m hoping with longer time in the humidor they will be better for a special smoke.


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