Review Movie Felon

I didn’t know what to expect. I have always liked Val Kilmer. My first thought was this sounded like “An Innocent Man” with Tom Selleck. Also in this prison drama Stephen Dorff, it’s been some time that I remember him in a movie. The Villain is Lt. Jackson Harold Perrineau, remember him as Link in “The Matrix Revolutions”. He was such a nice guy in The Matrix. Stephen Dorff plays Wade Porter. A burglar flees from Porters house late at night. Porter chasing the burglar out side the house hits him with a bat. He kills the burglar and the police arrest him for murder. After a deal and court the real drama begins. I was impressed with Val Kilmer. A man feared in prison. He befriends Wade Porter, something of a mentor. The usual code between convicts. The guards have their methods. I think this is a good reason to fear prison. Stephen Dorff had a good mix of naive to the ways of prison but a man capable of the violence that fuels prisons. When a movie can pose questions about one self or the society we live it certainly deserves a watch. That’s a luxury a free man can ponder.


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