Review HitMan

I seen this DVD at the store and I picked it up. I remember Timothy Olyphant in the HBO series Deadwood. To me that was Ideal role for him(Olyphant). Most recently in Live Free or Die hard. Is it me or is Olyphant stiff as a board? Hey! I like the guy but could you picture the guy dancing? Back to the movie, I like the combo of Olyphant the stiff board and the sexy Olga Kurylenko. Man how can I see more foreign films with her. OK! yes she did take her clothes off a couple of times. If you don’t know her you will in the new bond film in production. Now I’ve played the video game hitman. The only thing I remember from playing the game, most of the time your suppose to be stealth but I always manage to alert the bad guys so I had to kill them all. He!He! I don’t know exactly why I like this movie. Some Movies are just fun. Mainly if your in the mood for some good killing but not so over the top and yes some sexy woman hanging around. Well this movie is perfect. Don’t be surprise with a sequel. Hey it worked for Jason Bourne!


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