Review Tropic Thunder

Well I’m not sure what to think about so much dysfunction. How did Jack Black pull out a gun from those tight speedos? Robert Downey Jr. to me was so convincing I thought he was African American. hehe! But the strangest surprise was Tom Harry/Bald/Ass Cruise. I didn’t laugh I just stared at the screen speechless. I don’t know, was that genius or just the scariest movie you ever saw? My pleasant surprise was the leader of the dragons. He seem to be twelve years old, but very smart and cruel little b@s&d. Ok! after the shock the movie was very funny. For good measure they threw in Nick Nolte. I thought Ben Stiller was perfect in The Heartbreak Kid. That was funny. If anything bad is that the movie had so much going on. The supporting cast Jay Baruchel (He was funny in Knocked Up) and Brandon T. Jackson were a needed balance to the trio of Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. Well I think its a must see movie but leave the kids at home. As a young man, I use to think that was crazy. Now I think some things small children should be protected. They will have plenty of opportunity for dysfunction as grown ups. If for nothing else you have to see Tom Cruise dancing.


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