Review Stranger than Fiction

Several times I had passed up this movie. Mainly because I thought it would be some ridiculous comedy with Will Ferrell. Instead I found a warm hearted comedy/drama. Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman enrich any movie. Maggie Gyllenhaal is quirky beautiful bliss. As the movie moved along I thought OK! the narrator will help him from his mundane life. The thought if we knew our end and realized it necessary for the greater good. Would you accept your fate. Oh! not to mention that really how could any one know the big picture of your life and say even the mundane is essential. Only the one writing the story might have a clue. well a very interesting story. And to conclude this review, there is the humanness in us all that for some reason or turn of events we can change. We can accept for the greater good. Best part the best we can do is follow our dreams. Your right Glennbaby I have gotten soft over the years. Good time for a cigar


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