George St-Pierre vs. Jon Fitch

I have been wondering what to say about this match. Both fighters are top of their game. I like them both. GSP is this karate kid all grown up with some Mr. Miyagi philosophy. Well that doesn’t help predict a winner Saturday. Now Jon Fitch well something about him maybe all that wrestling experience has helped him find ways to win. Are you wondering what I’m talking about. I’m trying to express the intangible. I always wanted to use that word. GSP had a shocking experience when he lost against Matt Serra. He came back a man possessed. Motivation is an ingredient vital to fighters. One I doubt Jon Fitch lacks. Who can prevail. Jon Fitch will come out punching leaving himself open for a counter. GSP will ground and pound the rest for a decission. George St-Pierre wins. Ok! I said it but I’m not proud. Like I said before I’m a fan of both fighters. I would be shocked if there was a submission that ended the fight. Man I can’t wait till tomorrow. Seek and Destroy!

p.s. keep an eye on Demian Maia


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