CAO L’Anniversaire Maduro

Well I have to tell ya! C.A.O brand are one of my favorites. They make some great cigars. Unfortunate for me their price keeps going up. Many times smoking L’Anniversaire Maduro have allways been enjoyable. I just noticed I smoke mostly maduro cigars. Sometimes I taste a subtle sweetness. This is not like a flavour cigar which I can’t smoke. The construction is not the best but the draw of smoke is allways good. That tells me they have good rollers with consistent quality. Once a friend stopped by, I thought I would treat him to my favorite cigar. Half way smoking the cigar he said his feeling sick. I realized the cigar can be strong bodied. After you smoke for some time, taste or tolerance might change. Of course my friend doesn’t really smoke so for a first time any cigar might of been too much. Too bad because I had a great smoke. You know you had a great cigar when your thinking of the next time you’ll smoke again. Expect many more post about C.A.O. Cigars in the future. Oh! Yeah! cigars and MMA nice combo baby!


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