Mixed Martial Arts tonight on the tube

Brian Bowles vs. Damacia Page
Bowles shows no one is safe in any position in mixed martial arts. Damacia Page came out strong throwing punches and kicks. And really thats what makes it exciting. Bowles throws a knee so Page tries for a take down putting him in a choke. He(Page) tried to slam Bowles but that choke was tight. Yeah! baby! To me thats the beauty of the sport.Fighters can win with kickboxing, jujutsu, judo and many more variations. Bowles wins

Jamie Varner vs. Marcus Hicks
Wow these two warriors came to fight. Hicks looked strong taking Varner down frequently.
Varner continually found a way to get back to his feet. In the clench Varner connects with two knees. Any other man would be done. Hicks took a barrage of punches and knees.
How he remain standing is beyond me. Finally a punch stops the fight Varner wins

Brock Larson vs. Carlo Prater
This is no time to get a hotdog! Brock Larson like a mack truck punches Prater and quickly finishes the fight. Larson wins

Brian Stann vs. Steve Cantwell
First round Cantwell seem determined to show the first fight was a lucky punch from Stann.
Brian Stann didn’t show versatility like Steve Cantwell. Cantwell mixed it up with his punches and kicks. Some payback for Cantwell and now the light heavyweight Champ.

Carlos Condit vs. Hiromitsu Miura
Hiromitsu shows he is a top contender taking the fight to Carlos Condit.
Carlos took some punches but he shows toughness. The fight went back and forth.
Man this was a war! A couple times a thought Condit might be defeated.
I think both fighter tired out. Carlos landed a knee and after some punches the fight was over.
Not the best ending but the level these guys fight are top notch.
Miura showed some beautiful judo throws. I love that! On the ground Miura had great submission defense and nice reversals. That said Carlos Condit was just a bit better.
Carlos Condit wins


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