Smoking Cigars for Newbies

To enjoy a cigar one must realize this leisure is just that. Most cigars I smoke take me a least an hour and half. Most cigarette smokers make the mistake and smoke their cigar too fast. This will cause the cigar to heat up and sometimes start to come apart. The heat makes the taste harsh! Well thats what I see happen with others. Another important point is the lighting. It’s said not to use zippo lighters or anything that can change the cigars taste. I use a high quality butane lighter. I take my cigar at a 45 degree and while rotating light the cigar but not letting the flame touch the cigar. Oh! very important do not inhale or you will not enjoy cigars, another mistake cigarette smokers make. Cigars are to be enjoyed by relaxing and appreciating the time spent. Some claim this is a waste of time. Foolish perhaps but I can assure you always with a smile.


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