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The Counterfeitersthecounterfeiters

The story of a counterfeiter who is imprisoned by the germans and finds himself helpping their cause. With terrible conditions in the camps, counterfeiting money for the germans meant a better environment for the prisoners. A human tail of survival, war and redemption. A moving story with actors selling their plight. If you get past the sub titles you’ll find this film rewarding.


I never heard much about this film with Samuel Jackson and yes boys Eva Mendez. To be honest she is problably why I became interested. This film quitely sneaks up a bright gem from todays masses. Well theres a murder followed by the cleaner and the who did it. Evas part was small but she looked spectacular, I don’t use that word every day. I liked the story, the pace borderline slow. Nevertheless I highly recommend getting some mendez! No just messing around. Good flick!


2 thoughts on “Movie Review

  1. ok, the counterfeiter i can live with but…..the cleaner? come on! you’ve been in utah too long! how about iron man, yea! batman even the hulk. the cleaner….geesh, i guess the sleaze has completely left your sole.

  2. Take it Easy glennbaby, I didn’t say it was movie of the year. I thought Id mention movies under the radar. Ok! under the radar to me. Like I said I never hear of The Cleaner, but I think its worth a dollar rental. Beside dont you wanna see Eva Mendez?
    Be Cool 😉

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