The Approach

Windows closed
only a spectator
frames shadow cover

seems safe
silence unavoidable
dull pain constant

gym a reprise
who knew

barbell laughs
my mind doubts
despite previous success

form Is key
setup always the same
grasp bar

one rep

third set
impossible reachable
shadows fade

sixth set
problems so small
I breath sweat drips

an hour or so
its my world
all is whole

till next time
barbell laughs
but so do I

© 2016 BoogieStu

So bright

The light so bright
wandering in shadow
heroes lost

Distance our blanket
only eyes remind
night echoes song

hope opaque
harden replace
laughter reminiscent

where is the will
might the soul fight
or crumble to bottom

smile still
fire not vanquished
blood pulses

look in the mirror
as to others reply
heaven and hell

we are one
same milky way
glitter magic

love all as one
celebrate pain
breath the stars

© 2016 BoogieStu

Can’t Run

Walking down the path
wind blowing singing
trees trembling sacred dance

lost in this world
on the road swaying
a traveler forged

I may cheer
sometimes dance
skies are clear

Pain it instructs
can’t run from yourself
tears deep as the sea

love harvest the soul
tenderness the brave shoulder
a kiss fragile mystery

Only memory remains
soldier on proud march
the sun through a rain drop

© 2016 BoogieStu


Halls are empty
silence echoes past laughter
traces of your smile

we would dance
each seeking solace
a midnight embrace

sometimes we open up
staring at your feet
tenderness melting ice

believe what you want
response to my doubt
lips ever slight pout

our closeness grand
before eyes saw clear
distance begs questions

there is no sun
yet shadow is cast
hollow eyes scream

the world ended
a pebble remained
still warmth it held

to be for you
distant midnight wish
might you stare at a sunless stage

© 2015 BoogieStu

Seen you

For so long
vacant from your eyes
I quit looking at the door

thinking I’ve moved on
looking towards the horizon
I’m my worst enemy

It’s all a dirty lie
nothing exist
truth crushes

You appear yet again
heart pounds my chest
I’m reduced to rubble

When I see you
tell myself it’s not her
looking away haste, so foolish

In my own dimension
shake this illusion
minds barrier

looking around their faces
no one has noticed
nothing has changed

walk among the dead
or am I a ghost
holding on childlike fears

seen you there
you are beautiful”

© 2015 BoogieStu